Young Dentist grant now available

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As many qualified GDP’s will know the first few years out of university are clouded by student loan repayments whilst also trying to establish your career and continue to develop professionally.

As a way of attempting to reduce that burden, we are offering a ‘Young dentist grant’ of £500 to any GDP’s who qualified in the last 7 years, who would like to enroll in our PG Clear Aligner diploma in association with the City of London Dental School.

All students can also avail of a payment scheme to spread the cost.


APPLY NOW – click this link and select Diploma in Aligner Therapy


Enrollment is open until April 2019 and the course runs for 12 months

Learning outcomes

The course aims to teach the general dentist how to use clear aligner therapy as a tool to improve the treatment outcomes in all aspects of their general dental practice, including aesthetic, periodontal and restorative care.

  • Understand orthodontic anatomy and classification
  • Assess, diagnose and treatment plan the orthodontic patient suitable for clear aligner therapy
  • Understand the biomechanical principles of tooth movement
  • Be able to interpret clinical imagery in orthodontic alignment
  • Understand the treatment process of clear aligner therapy and materials used
  • Know the components of the clear aligner as an orthodontic appliance
  • Appreciate different treatment protocols for different malocclusions
  • Know how to use computer-assisted technology when planning orthodontic alignment
  • Utilise the learning outcomes above to create a portfolio of clinical cases. Mentorship will be provided for case assessment, diagnosis, treatment planning, active treatment, finishing, and retention.

Course Structure

Term 1 High-Level Theory

The first term is designed to teach delegates a high level of orthodontic theory and methodology and align themselves with the standardised protocols of the SAFE Orthodontics system. This is delivered by a combination of self-guided learning with online material and live/recorded webinars. 1-1 online mentoring on the student’s own cases will also begin from Day 1.


To provide students with the advanced theoretical and clinical knowledge necessary to undertake the practical and clinical training offered in the later terms of the programme.

Term 2 Practical Training and Clinical Application

The second term will begin with a 5-day residential with workshops on Occlusion; Assessment, Diagnosis, and Treatment Planning; Ethical Sales and Consent; Advanced use of the ClinCheck; students own cases; and integration of Invisalign with restorative dentistry in the skills lab

The residential will be followed by the online presentation of clinical cases and protocols for different malocclusions via live webinars. This will provide the students with clinical examples of how the skills practiced and acquired during the residential are applied in the clinic.

The clinical cases will be integrated with Q&A sessions, critical and recommended reading, and thought-share elements. 1-1 online mentoring on the student’s own cases will continue.


Students will acquire the practical skills required to use clear aligner therapy in orthodontic treatment, and learn how to apply them to clinical cases of increasing complexity.

Term 3 Clinical Case Presentation

In Term 3 the focus is on finishing cases, retention, and preparation for final case presentations

There is a 2-day residential.  Day 1 is MCQ and Short Answer papers as part of the final examination. Day 2 is student presentations on progress so far (receive feedback prior to final submission)

1-1 online mentoring continues

Aim: to integrate all of the learning from Terms 1 and 2 and be able to demonstrate this by successful completion of the Postgraduate Diploma Examination

The Diploma has been created by two leading experts in the field of clear aligner therapy education:  Dr. Raman Aulakh MOrth  BDS  PGDip (ClinEd) (Specialist Orthodontist) and Dr. Andy Toy MMedSci (ClinEd)  BDS  MFGDP(UK) (General Dental Practitioner with a Special Interest in Orthodontics

Course Fee: £7,500 (Installment plans available)