Common aligner issues & how to solve them

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1. On the first day “I can’t get my Invisalign out”:

When the patient has had their first aligner fitted prepare them that the first 2-3 days can be challenging, even the first week but once this has passed it will get easier. This way they are not panicking when they go home and wondering if it is normal to struggle with them. Tell them once they get their technique of taking them in and out and after the first couple of days, they loosen up gradually and it will get easier. Tell them when they put in their next aligner it will be tight again but not as bad as the first 2 days. Advise patients when changing their aligner to do it before they go to bed so by the morning it is a little easier to take in and out. Advise them to start at the back on one side and to push the aligner towards their cheek one tooth at a time and work their way around.

2. Crack in the aligner :

With very overcrowded teeth there may be a lot of force on a tooth and the aligner may get a small crack in it. If this occurs reassure patients this is ok and to keep wearing the aligner. They need to be conscious of the crack and to ensure they are not too rough with the aligner. They should start to remove it from the other side to take the pressure off the side with the break.

3. Attachment came off:

It is not a big deal if it is an attachment comes off on a back tooth –replace it at next visit but do try and get them in as soon as possible if it’s on a front tooth as these are the most important ones.

4. An edge is cutting into the gum:

The odd aligner can have a rough edge, just get the patient to put a clean nail file along it and smoothen the edge and explain this can happen from time to time as they are manufactured by a machine. Ensure the patient is not too rough with the nail file as this can weaken the aligner.

5. Lost or damaged aligner:

Patients should be advised at the start of treatment to always keep their previous aligner to the one they are wearing in case they ever lose it. If they lose one or damage it, ask the patient to try in the next number aligner and see if it fits. If it does not, then advise them to return to wearing their last aligner and you will have to order a replacement aligner for them, and a fee will incur. 

6. Aligner has gone a different colour:

Ideally patients should take out their aligners for food and drinks but we know they won’t always do this. Drinks don’t really stain the aligners as long as the patient is brushing the aligner every time they brush their teeth. They can also use products like retainerbrite to remove any odour off them as morning breath/coffee odours tend to stick to the plastic.

We have seen someone’s aligner go green from eating a tangle twister with her Invisalign in, so they might want to avoid these. They should not use hot water or Milton as these can warp the aligners.

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